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They say we are only ever 3 introductions away from anyone else in the world. On the www you should be able to find anything you want in no more than 3 steps. My aim on this page is to provide a selective, rather than a comprehensive listing; an efficient ‘first introduction’ in the chain that leads you to what you are looking for.

If you can’t find something you need, related to Human Resource Development, by following the links on this page or using the listed gateway sites, please let me know and I will develop this page accordingly

Professional Associations

    CIPD - Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development
    Most of the site is open to visitors, though some areas are members only. Contains Information about CIPD membership, branch activities, products and services.
    Useful free downloads (Acrobat format) of Key Fact sheets, Information Notes and Position Papers especially on HR policy and UK legislation, but does include items of interest to HRD e.g. team reward, psychological testing, induction, managing diversity.

    ASTD- American Society for Training and Development
    Useful articles, research reports, links and discussions. ‘Communities’ pages organise material by topic: careers &competencies, trends, evaluation and ROI, learning technology, performance improvement, knowledge management, consulting practice, training basics, technical training (see also publications, data-bases, discussions)

    IFTDO International Federation of Training and Development Organisations
    Contains links to professional associations in various countries.
    Also some articles on international and cross-cultural topics


    On-line Publications

    People Management
    An on-line version of the magazine published by CIPD offers news items and reviews of books and training resources. Back issues can be searched and some items (marked live) can be read on-line or downloaded. Full access, especially to main feature articles, is reserved for subscribers/CIPD members.

    Training Journal
    Monthly magazine offers selected features and book reviews on-line. Owned by Fenman who run the UKHRD discussion (see below)

    Training and Development Magazine
    Published by ASTD
    Read selected articles on-line from previous issues. Subscibers can also view articles from current issue.



    Looking for a course, video or other training resource? You can search these on-line data-bases.

    Executive CourseFinder
    A searchable database of executive programs from the world's leading business schools. Available on Corporate subscription from HBC.

    This network has a searchable archive with previous postings with information and discussion on a wide range of HRD topics.

    Training Pages
    A data-base of over 4 000 management and IT courses (includes in-house, distance learning etc). Updated by providers. Free to search. Pop-up enquiry form and contact details.


Discussion forums


    Sites with links to many other sites and resources

    TCM Internet Services
    T&D/HR Links
    Over 250 links to sites, materials, articles, cartoons etc.

    Many of the ASTD Communities (see Discussion Forums above) have links pages.
    A master list of links pages can be found on

    Nottingham Trent University
    Ray Lye’s HRM Links
    Long list, usefully organised into sub-categories

    Social Science Information Gateway
    SOSIG carries links to research papers, articles, journals etc. in the area of social
    science research. The Management page in particular contains links of interest to
    the HR professional, but other sections may prove useful. The links have clear
    descriptions of what you can find on the site.

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